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Peerless Guitars America is a new venture to promote and sell Peerless Guitars. We endorse and promote Peerless Jazz Guitars in the U.S. and Canada. We are not a distributor. We are simply evangelists, preaching the gospel of Peerless Guitars to help advance and promote sales in the United States.

The Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro is our most popular jazz guitar, and we carry it in blonde, sunburst and black. In addition, we carry the Imperial, Cremona, Leela, Renaissance Master, Serena travel guitar in carved top models, along with others such as the Monarch, Jezebel, Retromatic and the Jazz City in solid/laminate top models. We do get others from time to time and can special order any model from the current production line. Peerless makes many more models than we have listed on our website, many of which have the classic Gretsch look and feel as Peerless built the Gretsch line under contract with Fender for over 20 years.

Peerless Guitars has an illustrious history of building gorgeous and affordable jazz guitars that play and sound phenomenal. They have produced over 3 million OEM guitars for nearly half a century for brands like Gretsch, Gibson, Fender and Epiphone, plus a host of lesser-known companies. Peerless has developed a truly remarkable skill at managing and building first-rate, world class jazz guitars that most every guitarist, regardless of playing level--hobbyist, amateur to the most accomplished player--can afford. Today, Peerless is poised to make a bigger splash in the US market with a new jazz guitars for the professional player. We will kick start their legacy here at Peerless Guitars America and on our FaceBook pages. Stay Tuned!


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