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Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro guitar in stock
$2495 for Black
$2795 Sunburst and Blonde.

Peerless Jazz City Guitar - solid maple top, maple sides and back - (List $1650) - Now $1295(big image)

Peerless Jazz City Specs
Peerless Jazz City Pics Page 1
Peerless Jazz City Pics Page 2

Peerless Monarch Guitar - solid spruce top, maple sides and back - (List $1650) - Now $1250 (big image)

Peerless Monarch Specs
Peerless Monarch Pics page 1
Peerless Monarch Pics page 2

Peerless Manhattan Guitar - laminte spruce top, flame maple sides and back, all ebony - (List $1795) - Now $1395 (big image)

Peerless Manhattan Pics

Peerless Imperial Guitar - solid carved spruce top, maple sides and back, all ebony - (List $2695) - Now $2195 (big image)

Peerless Imperial Pics
Peerless Cremona Guitar - solid carved spruce top, maple sides and back, all ebony - (List $2695) - Now $2195 (big image)

Peerless Cremona Pics

Peerless Renaissance Guitar - rare maple thinline model - was $1199.00 (List $1400) - Call or email for prices (big image)

Peerless Renaissance Specs
Peerless Renaissance Pics

Peerless Wizard Guitar - 3 P-90 PU maple guitar (List $1200) - Now $995 (big image)

Peerless Wizard Pics

Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro Pics (List $3150) - Call or email for prices

Prices include hard shell case.

See Peerless Guitars English Home Page for additional information.

Doc has Youtube demos of several Peerless guitar models at DocDoscoJazz

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Tracks recorded by Doc Dosco with the Peerless Monarch archtop jazz guitar:

Sweet Louise

Tracks recorded by Ed Cherry with the Peerless Jazz City archtop jazz guitar:

The Spirit Speaks
Rachel's Step

Peerless guitar endorsee from the Netherlands Matt Otten plays the Monarch archtop jazz guitar.

Monarch on YouTube - Improv

Monarch on YouTube - Beautiful Love

Matt's website:
Matt Otten Home Page

Peerless Archtop Jazz Guitars

Peerless guitars are incredible. Wonderful sounding, well built, beautiful to look at and a joy to play.... and they won't cost you a fortune.
-Guitar News Weekly

I really love Peerless guitars and I always get nice comments about the sound, look and feel of the instruments. Guys are always walking up and checking them out when I do gigs.
-Ed Cherry, Jazz Guitarist

The first thing I noticed was a nice full acoustic tone. The look and workmanship is amazing, too. These are cool guitars that play and sound great!
-Juan Vega, Jazz Guitarist

The Peerless Jazz City is a work of art. Highly recommended.
-What's Hot with Jazz Guitar

I am floored by the quality and price of Peerless. They are by far the best affordable archtop jazz guitar on the market today.
-Doc Dosco, Jazz Guitarist

The sound of the Peerless archtop jazz guitar is extremely well balanced with nice timber, and has a wonderful long sustain to the notes from the lowest to the very highest. Someone really knew what they were doing when they designed this guitar.
-Dave Woods, Jazz Guitarist

In conjunction with Doctor Audio & Archtop Jazz Guitars, The Jazz Guitar Zone (hosted by Los Angeles jazz guitarist Doc Dosco) is a website dedicated to providing the best 'affordable' archtop jazz guitars and tube amps on the market today. Peerless archtop jazz guitars are new to the US and are without doubt the best value in an archtop floating pick-up jazz guitar. Peerless has built 3 million guitars for other companies since 1970 (Epiphone, Ibanez, Washburn, Gretch) and they are now marketing their own line of electric archtop jazz guitars. These guitars are hot!

Doctor Audio / Jazz Guitar Zone/ Archtop Jazz Guitars -- 818 996-3032

Doc Dosco, Jazz Guitarist
Doctor Audio has been on the web since since 1997 is owned by Los Angeles jazz musician and audio consultant Doc Dosco. Besides running his Internet company Doctor Audio, Doc has a long history as a pro audio consultant, music programmer and instructor and is also a working guitarist with a Jazz Guitar website containing his musical history.

You can contact The Jazz Guitar Zone / Doctor Audio at doc@jazzguitarzone.com, or you can phone (818) 996-3032 in Los Angeles California, USA

The Peerless Jazz City (archtop jazz guitar) is a work of art.
-What's Hot with Jazz Guitar

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